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If you’re like most Americans, you probably earn more in just 5 years than you owe on your mortgage. But cash is a depreciating asset, and despite low interest rates, mortgages cost copious amounts of interest, not to mention, delay progress with building home equity. The All In One Loan is a solution to both obstacles because it combines the two into one fluid financial tool.

As the nation’s only 30-year draw home equity line of credit (HELOC) with an integrated sweep checking account, it puts your income to work to lower daily mortgage principal and monthly interest costs.

Deposit your paychecks & liquid savings

All deposits are applied directly to loan principal which automatically lowers each day’s interest cost and the monthly interest payment amount.

Pay your bills and expenses as normal

Your money is kept securely available 24/7 for regular spending needs. ATM cards, checks, online and mobile banking all come standard with each loan.

Payoff decades sooner & save tens of thousands

Your cash hard-at-work saving you interest at the rate of the loan itself means paying off years in advance of a traditional mortgage and living more securely.

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