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Once you’ve decided you’re ready to refinance and have met with a loan officer to determine the type of refinance you will need, you’re ready to get started!


Buying a new home or refinancing your current mortgage will typically require a home appraisal to determine its fair market value. The appraiser operates independently to make an unbiased decision.

An appraisal differs from a home inspection in that an appraiser determines the value of the house and the inspector determines what repairs are needed and what they will cost.  The appraiser will compare the price of the home for sale with the value of other homes in the area and give the buyer, seller, and lender a detailed report on how the value was calculated.

Appraisal fees generally range from $450 to $750, depending on the market. In most cases, the homeowner will be responsible for the cost of the appraisal. The final appraisal report is based on the size and condition of the home, the number of permanent fixtures like lights and faucets, details about any renovations you’ve completed, notes about the changes in the value of surrounding properties, maps and photographs as needed, and the detailed market analysis based on comparable homes.

A low appraisal might prevent the refinance transaction from moving forward. Other options apply based on the loan program, and the homeowner should consult a real estate professional for further information.



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