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Understand the Life of Your Loan

1. Meet Your Loan Officer
Review your FICO score and determine your financing options. Having relevant documentation such as pay stubs, W2's and government identification can help.

2. Contracting a Home
Make an offer the home and obtain a contract on price and terms of purchase. When you have an offer accepted, provide a copy to your loan officer.

3. Processing
The processing team verifies the accuracy of the information provided on the application and reviews the loan request.

4. Underwriting
Once fully processed, underwriting begins. If there are additional supportive
documents needed, the underwriter will condition those items and work closely with processing and your loan officer to satisfy those requirements.

5. Loan Approval
After full review, conditional approval is issued.

6. Closing Day and Document Signing
Once the loan is "Clear and Close", your loan officer facilitates all final procedures so that you can close your loan on time and without hassle.  The Title & Escrow will schedule a time to meet and sign the final loan documents.

If you would like to learn more about any loan, please call us

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